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Many countries in Asia have made advances in education, however the illiteracy rates in many countries remain high and vary greatly among social groups. Asia has 75 percent of the world’s illiterate population, which equates to over 780 million people. In South Asia alone 35 million children are not in school, over half of whom are girls.

One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization believe in holistic transformative ability of books. We’ve seen time and time again the ripple effect of providing students and schools with world class fictional and non-fictional materials. By getting involved with One Million Words, you, too, can make a valuable contribution to future generations.

Individuals and groups can organize book drives or make cash donations; publishers can donate overstock or ‘off-catalogue’ titles, a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible way of managing inventory; businesses and companies can advance their social responsibility goals by partnering with or sponsoring the One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization.


We are always looking for help with fundraising, donations, and everything else. If you would like to volunteer get in touch and we
can let you know how you can help out!

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Whether you’re a teacher, college student, an individual or group interested in making a difference in the world, you can help One Million Words supply new books to many children in need by organizing a fundraiser with your friends or colleagues.

Our work relies on the generosity of individuals and groups who support our work. By raising money for us you really are helping to change lives.

Here are some fundraising ideas:
Book Sale We’ve all got books that we haven’t read for ages sitting gathering dust – so why not sell them and help One Million Words send more books to the developing world? Then fill those gaps by buying something new at your sale!

Swap Shop Get your friends together and have a swap shop evening. Ask people to bring books, CDs, clothing or DVDs that they no longer need but that are too good to throw away. For every item each person brings they can then take a different item away with them! Each person who attends pays a donation for each item they swap.

Book Drive Choosing new books to donate is a fun and easy team-building activity that helps foster a sense of social responsibility. We can supply you with a list of the “most needed” books, via email. If you would like to purchase books for your new book drive please do contact One Million Words Asia Literacy Organization for our support and guidance in this fundraising project.

Have an idea?
Have a great idea for a fundraising event or interested in getting your community together? We'd love to hear from you!