One Million Words donate to Tigbawan Elementary School

In early April One Million Words was able to make a second donation to an elementary school in Mindanao. Tigbawan Elementary School located at Don Leon Ballante, Caraga, Davao Oriental was presented with over 200 books by our OMW staff and directors in the Philippines.


Tigbawan Elementary School teaches students in grades first through sixth in Caraga, Davao Oriental of Davao (Region XI). The school has 5 instructional rooms and 0 non-instructional rooms, which are all powered by a power grid. With 150 students, class size is around 30 students. Honey Lou F. Pinero is in charge of the school, acting as the school’s Teacher.


For the 2013-14 school year, Tigbawan had 150 students enrolled. This makes the school a smaller school, with 100 less students than the average school and 57 less students than the average school in Caraga. The school has an almost equal number of male and female students. This is unlike the average gender breakdown in Caraga, which sees on average 0.9 female students per male.

tigbawan one

Tigbawan has a total of 5 rooms – all of which are used for instructional purposes. All in all, the school has at least one general academic classroom and kindergarten classroom. Of the instructional rooms, all of them are standard rooms, meaning they meet the DepEd’s guidelines for safety and usability.

tigbawan two

With 150 students and 5 rooms actively used for teaching, Tigbawan has an average class size of 30. This puts Tigbawan’s classes on the smaller side, as the school has 5 less students per class than the average of all schools, and 11 less students per class than the average in Caraga, Davao Oriental.

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