Fire again at SenJiMeiDuo Tibetan Charity School

After a fire burnt down half of the school in Nov last year, again the students at SenJiMeiDuo were faced with a fire again.



This time it was a forest fire that came within 500 meters of the school, and luckily for all the students and staff none of the buildings were damaged.


In these photos you can see the students have developed such a love for reading that they kept on reading as the fire passed them by.


The students kept reading ……




And reading….

Earlier this month we sent a small shipment of books up to the school to “tie them over” until we arrive next week with our first major delivery. This first shipment of books was made possible by a donation from Englearner, the English division of the Jilin Government Publishers ( and money donated by Single Malt Online (, an online whiskey investment company based in Hong Kong.

Previously the students in SenJiMeiDuo didn’t have access to books that they could read for pleasure and since this initial donation they have devoured every word of the books, with such a love for reading that they continue to utilize every minute of their time out of class, and when they are not busy with the reconstruction process, reading and rereading these books.

On Sunday the 31st May 2015, Dr Robert Lockyer and Kitty Zhang, will travel to a city close to SenJiMeiDuo to give a speech on literacy and to open the first stage of the library project with a larger donation of reading and reference books. This trip is being funded wholly by their own funds so as not to drain any funds away from the project work of One Million Words or away from the students and schools we assist.

This trip will require a 24 hour stopover in northern Yunnan, so as to acclimatize to the altitude of the school, before taking the 8 hour “goat trail” track up to the mountains where SenJiMeiDuo is located. The pair will spend two days in SenJiMeiDuo with thee students giving them lessons in both Chinese and English as well as playing a wide range of learning activities with the students.

Daily updates of the donation and trip to reach this remote school will be posted on the One Million Words Blog as well as on the indigogo campaign site,

Whilst this project has started out great and we are getting close to achieving our goal of supplying textbooks, reading resources and a library for this school we are still very short in our funding.

We strongly encourage those who have thought about making a donation to take the leap and click on either our “Indigogo Contribute” button or our PayPal “Make a donation” button on our website and help this project achieve its goal.

We thank you in advance and hope you will follow our updates and post as we travel to this school.

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