5,000 schools destroyed in Nepal quake.

As the scale of the devastation wrought by Saturday’s deadly earthquake in Nepal continues to emerge, nearly 5,000 schools are estimated to have been completely destroyed — which is expected to have a devastating long-term impact on the lives of children.

In Gorkha alone, it is estimated 90% of the district’s 500 schools have been destroyed or badly damaged, affecting 75,000 school children.

“A routine school environment is one of the best ways to return children to a sense of normality and to talk about their experiences with their peers, helping them to recover from the trauma of the disaster.”

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of children spent a fourth night sleeping outdoors in the pouring rain, unable or simply too afraid to return to their homes. Many sustained injuries in the earthquake or have seen their family members hurt or killed.

Through the funds raised in this campaign, One Million Words Organization will be able to supply over 5,000 much needed class set textbooks, once the schools start again in September and will be able ensure that whilst their lives have been heavily disrupted by this disaster  the children are once again given the chance to succeed in life.

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